Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides part-time, on-campus jobs for students with financial need. The money earned is not directly applied to the University bill; instead, the student will receive a bi-weekly paycheck, based on hours worked during the payperiod. 

To determine eligibility:

  1. The student must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  If randomly selected for verification, the Verification Form with appropriate income tax documentation must be submitted. Returning students must also complete this procedure each academic year.
  2. The Office of Financial Aid will then determine eligibility for FWS.
  3. Students must be enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.
  4. Returning FWS students must show academic progress.
  5. New FWS students apply for FWS positions using the University's on-line application sytem, PittSource.  Students can apply for multiple positions, but can only hold one (1) student worker position, which does not include Community Assistant and Tutor positions.  Current FWS openings are regularly updated, so check the site periodically for new student employment opportunities. 

If the student is eligible:

  1. The financial aid award letter will reflect a FWS dollar amount.
  2. The award shown is the maximum amount that a student can earn during the academic year.
  3. The money earned through FWS is not disbursed to the students University charges. Instead, the student will receive a paycheck biweekly for the actual hours worked.
  4. If your award letter does not list FWS funds, call the Office of Financial Aid at 724-836-9881 to request a review of your application.

General Federal Work-Study Information:

  • The FWS award does NOT guarantee a position. Students must apply online and be successfully hired for an open position.
  • After a student submits an online job application in PittSource for a FWS position, supervisors will review the applications and contact students directly if they are interested in interviewing them for the opening. 
  • Students should contact the Greensburg Financial Aid Office for questions regarding their eligibility for a FWS Award.
  • The Supervisor will contact the student applicant to arrange an interview.
  • After the supervisor makes a decision, he/she will contact the student applicant to advise the student of the hiring decision.

After Being Hired:

  • Newly hired students must complete the online mandatory work-study orientation.
  • Newly hired FWS students will bring the required and completed employment forms and present acceptable identification to the Office of Human Resources prior to the first day of employment.  Employment forms can be found on the FWS orientation page.
  • No student is permitted to work until all employment paperwork is received in the Greensburg Office of Human Resources.
  • If a student worker position requires clearances, the student is not permitted to work until they have applied for their Child Protection Clearances and have signed a corresponding Employee Disclosure Statement.

To learn more about FWS employment, go to the following Work-Study links: 

  1. Review the Work-Study Job Descriptions   
  2. Read the Student Employment Manual - Guidelines and Responsibilities
To All Prospective Work-Study Employees:

As mandated by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, and The Pennsylvania College and University Security Information Act, the University of Pittsburgh has available a brochure that describes safety and security policies, procedures and programs on the Greensburg campus, as well as campus statistics for the past three years.  Click to view the For Safety's Sake Annual Security and Fire Report.