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Over the last 10 years,

Pitt-Greensburg Faculty and Staff

gave over $200,000

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Funds supported by faculty/staff giving
YOU can be a part of the Partners in Excellence Campaign this year, too. It's easy, and everything you need is included here.
dollar for dollar matching grant opportunity to fund Campus Digital Infrastructure! A key component of the $2 million Strengthening Institutions Program grant awarded to Pitt-Greensburg is an annual $50,000 matched gift endowment. This will direct $100,000 annually over the next five years to an endowment to ensure that Pitt-Greensburg remains on the cutting edge of technology.

You, and our fellow colleagues, have created a legacy of giving through the Partners in Excellence Campaign — an employee giving program established to foster the spirit of giving back. We are grateful for your generosity, and the areas supported by each of you have benefited tremendously as a result. Giving back helps to change the future of educational and experiential opportunities for everyone on campus — our colleagues, our friends, our family — AND ESPECIALLY for the students who will call PITT-GREENSBURG their HOME for the next four years and their ALMA MATER FOREVER!
Our investment today will encourage future commitments by our alumni, their families, and our friends throughout the Pitt-Greensburg community.
YOUR participation in the 2016—2017 Partners in Excellence is important to growing our campus. I want you to be a part of the campaign by contributing to one of the suggested funds, or by selecting one of the many other funds that may be of personal importance to you. More of your colleagues participated last year than ever before — I hope that you will be among them this year. Please confirm your participation by making your commitment NOW!  

Want to have a greater impact with your gift? Be a partner in the Technology for the Future Challenge by directing your gift to the fund for a dollar to dollar match.
Participation is easy! You choose what you want to support and how you want to make your contribution — check, payroll deduction, or credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, simply include it when you return the enclosed pledge card in the envelope provided. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you may do so online at www.greensburg.pitt.edu/about/giving/support-us or by calling 724-836-7761. If paying by credit card online be certain to select Faculty or Staff as your affiliation to Pitt-Greensburg to ensure that you are counted for participating this year.
Participation in the Partners in Excellence Campaign makes you a partner in the future of Pitt-Greensburg. I hope that all of our colleagues can count on you to be their partner, just like we count on you every day!  

Kellie Surmacz
Annual Fund Specialist