October Residents of the Month

Pitt-Greensburg's Office of Residence Life has announced the October Residents of the Month.

The Community Assistants (CAs) from each residential area select the Residents of the Month. When selecting the Residents of the Month, CAs are asked to consider the department's three main learning goals: community, engagement, and respect.

The program showcases residents who have been a positive influence the community, have become engaged on campus, and show respect to their fellow residents and the residence halls. The CAs are asked to select residents that who demonstrated a commitment to these goals.

Congratulations to the October Residents of the Month:

Zach Brandner – Westmoreland Hall

Zach has been a great asset to Westmoreland Hall and has represented what it means to be Resident of the Month for the month of October. He not only attended the numerous programs Westmoreland facilitated this month but also brought positivity and energy to everything he has attended. His CAs mentioned that whenever Zach comes into the building he is always happy to see everyone and willing to start a conversation with anyone.

Jaleesa Brown - University Court

Jaleesa was selected by her staff because she has been involved on campus in Chorale and Diversity Student Coalition. In particular, she was involved in helping with the Hoops for Boobs program, the DSC Unity Rally table, and volunteered during Pitt Make a Difference Day. Her staff describes her as “approachable” and “helpful” and noted that she has been involved in the community by attending programs and interacting with her peers and CAs.


Jacob Chovanec – Robertshaw Hall

The CAs said that Jake is quick to mentor fellow students and volunteer his help. Despite being pretty quiet initially, Jake really started getting more involved and being more social in Robertshaw Hall in October.

Cameron Collins – Apollo House

According to his CA, Cameron has shown a great deal of leadership potential as a first-year student. She says that he is “incredibly engaged and active on campus” and that he has been involved in the Apollo House community, too. Cameron has attended house programs and has been very helpful to his CA and other residents of the house.

Austin Ditch - University Court

Austin was selected because he has been involved in the UC community by being present in the Rec Room and active in programs both in the University Court and on campus. He has been very helpful to others in the completion of their homework and studies. The staff also noted that Austin was instrumental in the success of the JDRF funnel cake fundraiser this month.

Jamie Henry – College Hall

We chose Jamie as the Resident of the Month because she is a very kind person who is always helping without needing to be asked. She is always participating in the various activities and is a positive person who really brightens up the events. 

Tori Horr – Westmoreland Hall

Tori has exemplified fully what it means to be a resident at Pitt-Greensburg. During the month of October, she has demonstrated community, engagement, and respect in many different ways. She has not only attended the numerous programs that Westmoreland put on this month but also came early to volunteer to set up and clean up before and after the programs. Additionally, Tori is always in the lobby and bringing positive vibes to the building.


Jonathan Lerch – College Hall

We chose Jonathan as the Resident of the Month because he is a very involved person who participates in clubs and on campus activities. He is seen as someone who is a very positive influence and someone who is always willing to help others.

Shivam Patel – Marshall House

Shivam was selected as a ROM because he has not only attended, but also engaged in, most of the Marshall House programs in October. His CA says that Shivam is always friendly and always says “hello.” His CA also noted that he is active on campus and has been a part of the Science Club and Nerdfighters.

Sascha Rojtas – Selene House

Sascha’s CA described him as an “outstanding resident” during the month of October. He has been a significant help when it came to programming, especially her recent game night. He also continues to be a huge help to not only the residents of Selene, but the entire Village, with any technology issues.

Sarah Rossi – Franklin House

Sarah was selected because she has become a crucial part of the Franklin House community.  She co-planned the Halloween Door Decorating program and helped set up and tear down for the scary movie program also during the same month. On campus, she has been involved as a tutor for those in introductory science classes. Sarah’s CA says that she is always positive and is always engaging other residents in conversation.

Kaitlyn Schmidt – Mead House

Kailyn’s CA describes her as “a constant friend to many residents in Mead House.” Kaitlyn is “forever a bright and positive energy that travels a long way around Mead House,” according to her CA. In October, she was a massive help in the decorating of the house during the Mead Monster Makeover program. Outside of the house, she has been involved in the Murder Mystery Dinner and is producing and directing her own written play, which is set to open later this month.

Veronica Squadrito – Robertshaw Hall

The CA staff nominated Veronica because she is very social within Robertshaw Hall but still sets a high standard for focusing on academics and getting involved on campus. She is quick to help the CA staff set up for an event and always has great feedback about everyone else’s ideas.

Chelsea Sundy – Athena House 

Chelsea was named a ROM because she has been a regular attendee at house programs and has been involved on campus in activities such as Habitat for Humanity and being an International Mentor. Chelsea has also been working on submitting materials to study abroad in Thailand for the summer.



Publication Date

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 5:30pm