What is an Internship?

An opportunity to gain hands on, real life experience within the field you are studying in or interested in. Consider this a chance to "test drive" your ideal career and explore your interests before graduating.

How do I find an Internship?

Step 1:

Schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator in Career Services to discuss:

  • Career skills & experience you hope to gain
  • Potential internship options & where to look
  • When you would like to complete an internship
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Where (location) you would like to find an internship
  • Whether an internship is unpaid or paid
  • Explore completing the internship for academic credit, this may also involve meeting with faculty from your major as well as your Academic Advisor
  • Revising your resume and writing a cover letter
  • Preparing for an interview

Step 2:

If for credit:

  • Potential internship options
  • Where other students have completed internships
  • Whether to do an internship for credit (most internships are 3 credits, 120 hours)
  • Minimum GPA & other departmental requirements
  • Whether an internship/field experience is required for your major, profession or graduate school

If not for credit:

  • Be sure that the internship site permits non-credit internships
  • Arrange a meeting with the Internship Site Supervisor
  • Make arrangements for documentation of completion of internship (e.g. performance evaluation, letter of completion)

Have an Internship? Now what?

Step 1: Preparations

  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form if completing your internship for academic credit, otherwise this is not necessary (Obtain from Career Services-note this form may vary depending on your department)
  • Register for credit if applicable (if completing for credit) utilizing a Course Permisson Overrride Form signed by your faculty sponsor
  • Remember to be a good representative of the university during the internship. Also keep in mind you are building your own professional reputation!
  • Meet with the Site Supervisor to discuss:
  1. Responsibilities for the internship
  2. Expectations, company policies, dress code, hours, etc.
  3. The performance evaluation form (by the company and/or university)
  4. Requirements from your faculty sponsor, if completing for credit

Step 2: Final Steps of completion

  • Make sure all appropriate paperwork/assignments are complete
  • Complete evaluations as required by faculty and/or internship site
  • Add your internship experience to your resume
  • Kindly ask the Site Supervisor to be a reference

**Career Services does not approve internships or provide sponsorship. An internship completed for academic credit is at the approval of Academic Affairs and the corresponding department.

FOR EMPLOYERS:  Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Resources for your internship search

Pitt-Greensburg Internship Coordinator Kristen Stratton

Career Services Office: 219 Chambers Hall

Internship Coordinator, Kristen Stratton

- Personal contacts & departmental/faculty major contacts
- Pitt-Greensburg postings
- Pitt-Oakland postings: Handshake (accessible through your Pitt portal)
- Job Fairs can also include internship openings: Pitt-Greensburg; Pitt-Oakland; WestPACS, WANT
- Government postings

Career Resource Library: 218 Chambers Hall

Start planning early!

Freshman Year:

     Informational Interviewing-a discussion with a professional in your area of study

Sophomore Year:

    Shadowing-a brief period of observing a professional in your area of career interest

Junior Year or Senior Year:

    Internship/Co-Op/Field Experience-an experience gaining practical thinking and on the job skills

**Also, consider community service and volunteering every year! These are great resume builders.

Local volunteer resource:

Where have Pitt-Greensburg students interned?

Adelphoi Village, Psychology/Criminal Justice

CCL Technologies, Information Science

Chic-Fil-A, Marketing

Children's Hospital, Psychology

Excela Health, Management: Accounting

Fayette County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice

Hammil Manufacturing, Accounting

First Energy, Information Science

Gateway Newspapers, English Writing

Hempfield Area School District, Mangement: Information Systems

Pennsylvania Financial Consultants, Management: Accounting

Pitt-Greensburg Biology Department, Pre-Pharmacy

Pitt-Greensburg Center for Applied Mathematics, Mathematics

Rostraver Township, Political Science

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, Psychology

Rusnock Sports Performance & Fitness, Natural Science

Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services (SPHS), Psychology

Trustmont Group, Marketing

Westmoreland County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Justice

Westmorleand Casemanagement & Supports, Inc., Psychology, IT

Westmoreland Museum of American Art, English

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Management

**This is a condensed list of examples of places our students have interned. When students do not complete their internship for academic credit, we are not always made aware of the great experiences they have had since they do not go through the same procedures as someone completing one for academic credit. Our office receives new internship opportunities from employers and other resources weekly, so be sure to check in with us for any of the latest and stay up to date with our online posting system: We often are aware of more internship opportunities than there are students to fill them!

Internship Spotlight

Check out additional Internship Testimonials by major!

**If you have completed an internship and would like to share your experience please contact Kristen Stratton at

Taylor Leggete - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Pitt Greensburg student Taylor Leggete

Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Semester of Internship: Summer 2017

Major:  Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Hometown: York, PA

Hobbies: Working, Shopping, Helping others

Campus Activities

Diversity Student Coalition (DSC) Publicity Chair, Peer Leader, Habitat 4 Humanity

Future Plans: To be a pharmacist!

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

My internship was at Minnich’s Pharmacy in York, PA

  • What were your duties?

During my internship I was a Pharmacy Technician that specialized in using a medicine packaging robot called Anita. This robot was used for the 20 nursing homes that the pharmacy is contracted to deliver medications to. First, I would calibrate Anita, then I would refill her controlled medications, after I would complete medications for patients who got sick, last, I would fill trays for the remaining nursing home patients. As the medicine packages came out of Anita, they are rolled on a wheel and then placed in another robot to be electronically checked, and then verified by a pharmacist. I was responsible for completing all of these functions except for the pharmacy check.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I enjoyed learning about institutional pharmacy, I didn’t know it existed until working at Minnich’s. Nursing homes are a really good     market to reach because most nurses that work in nursing homes are only certified in patient care in terms of bathing, feeding, and vitals, but not in-patient health like medications, sickness, and drug interactions.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship?

The most difficult part was working with Anita. She was an awesome robot to use. But, we all know computers are not perfect! Sometimes she would glitch and cause the order of medicine package to be off. I would have to fix every mistake and sometimes start all over.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Biology department prepare you for your internship?

Biology has made a lot more illnesses make sense in which interning has helped me understand medication. Organic Chemistry has helped me spot some of the drug names and recognize compounds. (Thanks Bio Department!)

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?      

I had previously got experience in retail pharmacy and gaining experience in institutional pharmacy has broadened my horizons. Getting hands on experience in my field has made me understand the importance of  health care. Also working with multiple pharmacist has made me excited to finish my journey!

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

Try to get as much hands-on experience as possible! Make your resume look like you’re the best person available for the spot you want to get!



Alec Woods - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Pitt Greensburg student Alec Woods

Graduation Year: 2019

Semester of Internship: Summer 2017

Major: Information Technology

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Hobbies: Sports, fishing, camping, video games

Campus Activities: None

Future Plans: I plan to find a job in information technology and attend graduate school.

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Company: Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Division

Title: CERT Technical Student Intern

  • What were your duties?

My primary duty was to help build 100 All in One systems for two major events.  An All in One system is a case which contains the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and monitor stand. The first event was a competition for the Army Reserve Cyber Operation Group called the Cyber X Games. The second was a three-day event for high school students called the Cyber Student competition. CERT employees created lab exercises and the students used them to learn skills and compete with each other. In addition to those events, my team worked on a variety of other IT related projects such as fixing servers, fixing cabling in the server room, and more.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I enjoyed the team environment and working with the group of people, everyone was welcoming and helpful. I worked with six other  interns during the summer and I enjoyed going into work every day and working with them. It was nice knowing that if you got stuck you always had a group of people who would go out of their way to help you.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

The most difficult aspect of my internship was working on a server blade, which is basically a small, modular circuit board. I was tasked with troubleshooting a broken server blade and finding out how much it would cost to fix. I started this at the beginning of my internship. When I wasn’t working on the other major projects, I tried to figure out a way to fix the blade. I took the broken server blade and a good server blade and swapped parts back and forth one at a time trying to isolate the broken part. Towards the end of my internship, I finally discovered that the blade had a mother board failure. This was difficult as I had never worked with a server before my internship, and it was a great learning experience and very fun tinkering with it and seeing how servers are put together.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Information Technology department prepare you for your internship?

The Information Technology Department did prepare me for my internship. I took two courses, JAVA and Computer Security, in the spring semester heading into my summer internship that gave me more of an understanding of computer systems and how they work.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

My internship has definitely helped prepare me for a career. It was a great learning experience and gave me great experience in my field of study. I learned a lot from everyone there and as the summer went on I was able to do more tasks without having to ask questions. Our team leader was there to help, but he encouraged us to figure out problems on our own and only gave background help. Learning how to figure out hard problems by myself and with my team was very helpful and prepared me for working in the real world.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

I recommend that they do one. It’s a great learning experience and gives you so much more knowledge in the field that you want to go into. You gain valuable experience on the job working with people, and you get an idea of the kinds of work you will be doing in your future if you continue to stay on the path after your internship. Also, make sure you connect with everyone you can at your internship. They are really helpful and can also give you valuable information on how you can improve.


Bayley Fields - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Pitt Greensburg student Bayley Fields

Graduation Year: 2019

Semester of Internship: Summer 2017

Major: Biology (Nutrition)

Minor: N/A

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Reading, watching Netflix, crafting, hanging out with friends

Campus Activities: Yoga club, Weightlifting Club, Garden Club, Student Government Association, Peer leading

Future Plans: Finish my degree, go to graduate school, and help people eat to fit their needs.

**Baily’s internship was completed in collaboration with Pitt Oakland’s Summer Edge through the Public & Global Health summer program:


  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

I worked at Latham Street Commons in Friendship, PA as an intern.

  • What were your duties?

I spent my time at a summer camp for teenagers educating them about eating healthy and sustainable living. When I wasn’t teaching I was maintaining the community garden and educating the surrounding neighborhood about gardening and eating healthy.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds and listening to their struggles. Some situations involved more creating thinking on how to eat healthy on a budget, or in the middle of a food desert. I had to do a lot of critical thinking in order to adequately help people, which I think will help prepare me for my future career.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

Convincing people that food grown from the community garden wasn’t dirty, most people would plant food just for fun and throw it away instead of eating it. They were afraid it was somehow bad for them. It was also hard for me to effectively communicate with people in the neighborhood since I was young and have not experienced the same things they have.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Biology department prepare you for your internship?

My background in Biology helped me to explain the science behind gardens better to some people. Biology has also taught me some of the basics about how the human body reacts to certain food. My leadership in clubs at UPG had helped me lead more in my internship and not be afraid to communicate with other people.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

My internship gave me an idea of what problem solving would look like in my career. I will likely have many clients with different struggles, health problems, and finance problems that I will need to consider when helping them. My internship gave me a direct glance into the differences many people have, and now it doesn’t scare me as much.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

Pick an internship you think you will like, regardless of whether or not it pays. It is far better to have a good learning experience than to have a bad experience that paid well. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions and speak out, you may find yourself doing a special project if it’s a good idea.


Miranda Calabria - Pitt-Greensburg Student

Graduation Year: April 2018

Semester of Internship: Fall 2017

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Psychology, Theatre

Hometown: New Castle, PA

Hobbies: Watching YouTube videos, Twitch streams, & every crime show, ever.

Campus Activities

VP of Criminal Justice Club, PR chair for SAB, Judicial Board,

Secretary of the House

Future Plans: Working with juveniles in the criminal justice system.

  • Where are you completing your internship/what is your title role?

Adelphoi Village-Colony House/ Intern

  • What were your duties?

Observing staff with their duties of running groups and supervising juveniles who are in placement.

  • What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I had the chance to really bond with the girls in Colony Home. I hope I made a positive impact on them just from being around a few short months. Every day was different and I learned so much from the girls and staff.

  • What was the most difficult aspect of the internship? 

Just the uncertainty of what the day would bring; the girls were very unpredictable, you never knew what was going to happen during your shift. It could either go really well or really bad.

  • How did your experience at Pitt-Greensburg and in the Criminal Justice department prepare you for your internship?

My classes definitely helped me because I wasn’t completely clueless in the groups they held. I knew terms that most people wouldn’t unless they were a CJ major. I felt more in the loop because I have learned so much about the juvenile justice system already.

  • How has your internship prepared you for a career?       

This internship really showed me if I was cut out to be in this field. I loved my internship so much; they actually hired me! I’m so excited to start working at Adelphoi during my last semester.

  • What recommendations do you have for other students about doing an internship?

If you have the opportunity, take it. It definitely puts your major into perspective. You get hands on experience and it helps narrow down where you want to go in life with your career.