Other Pitt-Greensburg Funds

Aaron Slafka Memorial Service Award (2014)
Aaron, a 2007 Political Science graduate, was a respected student leader and athlete, who loved Pitt-Greensburg. He passed away unexpectedly, in April 2014, at the age of 29 after a long battle with epilepsy. This award is presented to a junior or senior majoring in Political Science and who is able to demonstrate service to the University, as well as perseverance and the ability to overcome adversity.

Campus Beautification Program

The campus beautification program was established to enhance the natural and alluring features of the Pitt-Greensburg campus. Some of the areas highlighting the new program are the addition of more plants and flowers and seasonally held clean-up days. More program topics to be enacted are forthcoming as plans continue to develop. 

Friends of the Millstein Library

The Friends of the Millstein Library are alumni, retired faculty and staff members, and members of the community who are interested in promoting and supporting the library and its activities. Monies raised help to provide a $500 scholarship to a Pitt-Greensburg student pursuing graduate study in library or information science.

Pitt-Greensburg Green Scholar Program

The Green Scholar Program is designed to provide opportunities for Pitt-Greensburg’s best students to acquire research experience by working with faculty on scholarly projects in each of three academic divisions.  Green Scholars receive a stipend for their research work; the program allows students to focus on their education rather than working at part-time jobs in fields unrelated to their academic majors.  Faculty benefit from the collaboration of a “junior” research partner.  Students are nominated to be a “Green Scholar” to serve during their junior and senior years.

Pitt-Greensburg Staff Association

The Pitt-Greensburg Staff Association provides representation and leadership for non-union, non-faculty personnel and promotes positive working relationships.

The President’s Discretionary Fund

This fund serves as the “default fund” for undesignated gifts.  Revenue from this fund supports  projects and programs that require additional funding.

 Recruitment of International Students

This new division of the International Learning Opportunities program aims to create a truly global environment right here on campus and will focus on the recruitment and retention of students from other countries. This fund will cover operational expenses and staffing for the program, which will provide the international students with a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment upon their arrival and throughout their entire education at Pitt-Greensburg. The goal of this program is to provide a mutually fulfilling and enriching experience for both the international students and other Pitt-Greensburg students who will share classes, residence halls, clubs, and social activities.

Seed Money for Faculty Scholarship

This fund provides financial support for faculty to expand their own areas of expertise, conduct quality research, pursue creative projects, and to engage students in scholarship beyond the classroom.

Seed Money for Staff Development

The account was created to support professional development for the campus staff. It focuses on campus priorities and departmental needs by providing opportunities for staff to attend professional conferences which would advance the mission of Pitt-Greensburg.

Student Services

The Student Services fund is used to support co-curricular initiatives that increase leadership and community service opportunities for students. The fund has also been used to assist students experiencing a temporary yet immediate financial emergency. Your support of this fund can make the difference in the retention of a student.

Student Organizations

Pitt-Greensburg has nearly 50 recognized student organizations and honor societies.  You may designate your contribution to any recognized student organization.  You can receive a complete list of recognized student organizations by contacting Kellie Surmacz.

Academic Programs

Pitt-Greensburg offers 24 baccalaureate degree programs, including new majors in Education and Spanish, as well as 19 minors, and numerous pre-professional options, including a new Manufacturing Management Certificate Program.  You may designate your contribution to provide direct support to any academic program