September Residents of the Month

Pitt-Greensburg's Office of Residence Life has announced the September Residents of the Month.

The Community Assistants (CAs) from each residential area select the Residents of the Month. When selecting the Residents of the Month, CAs are asked to consider the department's three main learning goals: community, engagement, and respect.

The program showcases residents who have been a positive influence the community, have become engaged on campus, and show respect to their fellow residents and the residence halls. The CAs are asked to select residents that who demonstrated a commitment to these goals.

Congratulations to the September Residents of the Month:

Ricardo Anzar – Robertshaw Hall

Ricardo is always visible and creating positive interactions with people around the hall. He participates heavily in programming and has tried to get other students to come out of their shell by getting to know a lot of people in Robertshaw personally.

Erica Bosh – Westmoreland Hall

Erica is a senior criminal justice major. She is involved in numerous clubs such as the CRJ club and bowling club. Erica is also a member of the Pitt-Greensburg Women's Volleyball team. She consistently attends CA and campus programs as well as co-planning programs with her Westmoreland Hall CAs. She is super engaged both in the community and on campus. This is why Erica has been rewarded with September’s Resident of the Month.

Ashley Brantley – Mead House

According to her CA, Ashley is a “positive member to the community, as she is incredibly friendly and welcoming to everyone she meets.”  Ashley has not only proposed a program idea, but has agreed to co-plan it with her CA. Ashley’s positivity is described as “radiant” by her CA, Amanda.

Adali Deiss – Westmoreland Hall

Adali is a very active resident in our community. She attends many school events and is present in every aspect of student activities. She is president of RSC and has done so much for our Westmo community! With great excitement, this is why Adali has been rewarded September’s Resident of the Month.

Paul Feeney - Selene House

Paul is very active during house programs, contributing new and different ideas. He is always going the extra mile to see if I or other residents need help. He is very respectful to everyone in his house, and his energy is very contagious. According to his CA, “Paul has really become a positive role model for our campus.”

Joseph Fitz – Marshall House

According to his CA, Joe has made a great effort in contributing to the house community by attending all of his CA’s programs. He is always around the house and active in activities that take place in the Village and Coffeehouse. “Joe is always smiling, and he never passes without a warm hello,” his CA said.

Cornell Grigsby – College Hall

Cornell has made an effort to be around in College Hall, and therefore has connected with many of his fellow residents. He brings a level of excitement and enthusiasm to every program he attends, which was especially seen in his participation the Sand Volleyball Tournament and Hall Olympics Dodgeball game. Cornell is always willing to help the CAs and even ran around College Hall delivering pancakes for the CA’s Pancakes for a Purpose JDRF fundraiser. 

Yale Johnston – University Court

The University Court staff selected Yale because he has been a solid representation of positive community, engagement and respect in various ways.  For instance, he was active during RSC’s Hall Olympics and has been spending a significant amount of time in the Rec Room with the Residence Life staff.  He enjoys spending time with other members of the UC community and cares about what is going on in the community.

Fredrick Kendrick – Robertshaw Hall

Fred has strived from week one to create community in the hall, and even wrote invitations by hand to invite his hall to a Lilo and Stitch movie night. He is always in the lounge initiating games of Scrabble, and can also often be found at the ping pong table ready to compete.

Marissa Leonard – College Hall

Marissa has been very active in College Hall. She has gone to almost every program so far this semester, but she has also stepped up and taken on a leadership role or offered a helping hand. Marissa co-planned a Sand Volleyball Tournament program with CA Mike, where she explained the rules to the tournament, divided everyone into teams, and made sure everyone was involved. She also helped deliver pancakes to different residence halls during the College Hall CA’s Pancakes for a Purpose JDRF fundraiser. Her willingness and helpfulness have not gone unnoticed!

Michael Lin – University Court

Michael was selected because he was an instrumental part to the UC team during RSC’s Hall Olympics, most notably in the volleyball game when it wasn’t possible for any of the CAs to attend. The staff said he is always around in the Rec Room spending time with other residents and doing homework with friends.

Larissa Nemchik – Athena House

Larissa is described as “friendly and helpful to those around her.” She is always out and about in her house talking to other students, both her friends and strangers. Larissa has repeatedly offered help to assist with setup and cleanup of her CA’s house programs. She always wears a smile and her happiness spreads to those around her.

Jolene Potoma – Franklin House

Her CA says that Jolene is a “very enthusiastic member of Franklin House” who is always engaged. She has gotten involved around campus by joining clubs and attending various campus events. She is very supportive and helpful to her peers and is always willing to chat.

Gabby Revenis - Apollo House

Her CA says that Gabby is very enthusiastic when it comes to house programs and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She always says “hello” and has shown excitement in attending and co-planning programs. Additionally, she is very involved in both SGA and SAB, playing key roles in both organizations during September.


Publication Date

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 2:15pm