Endowed gifts provide perpetual financial support for scholarships, fellowships, faculty chairs, instruction, and other important University programs.  An endowed gift is intended to provide Pitt-Greensburg with a permanent source of funding by investing the principal amount of the gift and making available a portion of the interest income it generates.  The amount of endowment income available for spending is determined by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees and is governed by Pennsylvania Law. 

Academic Villages (2001)

The Villages consist of residence hall space and special program areas for both residents and commuter students. Student must apply for membership and agree to participate in Village activities. The Academic Villages implement an innovative teaching philosophy intended to enrich the University experience and extend beyond the class. This endowment was established as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. 

Joan Chambers Children’s Library Endowment (1998)

Dr. George F. Chambers, past president of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, established this endowment in memory of his wife, Joan. The Joan Chambers Children’s Library was established in 1994 as a special section within the Millstein Library at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Endowment income is to be used to purchase books, journals, monographs, videos, special programming, and other materials deemed appropriate for a children’s library. Additionally, income is to be used to advance the study of children’s literature through special programs, conferences, lectures, and seminars. Furthermore, income may be used to fund special studies and academic inquiries dealing with children’s literature and child development. 

Dr. Bernard Cobetto Lecture Series (2005)

This annual lecture series, established by Dr. Bernard Cobetto and his wife, Mrs. Ellen Cobetto, explores ethics in contemporary society, with a focus on applied issues. The purpose of these lectures is to engage the campus community at Pitt-Greensburg, as well as the surrounding community, in discussions on ethical issues with the goal of educating and also initiating fruitful dialogue.

DaVinci Scholarship (2004)

This endowment is used to provide those individuals selected as DaVinci Scholars with a scholarship award, and was established as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. 

Greensburg Annual Alumni Fund Quasi Endowment (2002)

This scholarship was established by the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association. Income from this endowment is designated, in part, as a scholarship to an incoming freshman. 

International Learning Opportunities (2001)

The goal of this fund is to send every Pitt-Greensburg student abroad for an educational experience during his or her academic career. Another goal for international studies is to bring the world to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg through lectures, cultural performances, and student and faculty exchanges with universities in other countries. This fund was established as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. 

Ruth L. M. Kuschmierz Endowed Fund in Support of German Language, Literature, and Culture (2014)

This endowment, created by Ruth L. M. Kushmierz, PhD, professor emerita, was created to support undergraduate instruction of German language, literature, and culture.

Margin of Excellence (2001)

This fund provides support for unexpected opportunities to advance the educational quality of the University. These opportunities include inviting major speakers, artists, or performers who are appearing in Pittsburgh to campus, or helping to fund a student trip to a major educational or cultural event outside of the region, or helping a productive faculty member to complete work on a research project or a new course. This fund was established as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. 

Carl F. Poke Endowed Fund for Student Travel (2003)

Established by Carl F. Poke, professor of political science at Pitt-Greensburg, this endowment supports international education travel and living stipends for full-time sophomores or juniors. 

Public Affairs Speaker Series (2001)

Pitt-Greensburg believes that every student must be engaged in the public life of our region, the nation, and the world. Money is used to bring a national or world leader to campus to address the campus community and be a part of a significant colloquy among students, faculty, staff, and the general public. This account was established as a part of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Capital Campaign. 

Guy Rossetti International Study Endowment Fund (1999)

Established by friends, family, students, and colleagues in memory of Dr. Guy Rossetti, former Vice President of Academic Affairs at Pitt-Greensburg. This award is used to assist financially needy students who wish to study abroad.