Psychology Major at Pitt-Greensburg

38 credits
Bachelor of Science

Discipline your understanding of the mind for lifelong learning.
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Most occupations involve an understanding of empathy and an openness to diversity - as well as the ability to conduct research, to think critically, and to communicate well. As one of the most flexible and marketable majors, Psychology teaches a variety of skills highly sought by employers.

Behavior Analysis TrackClinical/Counseling Concentration

Psychology at Pitt-Greensburg is distinguished from other programs in providing many unique experiences, including many hands-on learning opportunities and the opportunity to work individually with your professors. Besides the general psychology option, the Psychology program offers various specializations that can help you obtain a job or gain acceptance into graduate school. These specializations include a behavior analysis track, a clinical/counseling concentration, and experiences in forensic and legal psychology - disciplines that are increasingly sought-after and will make you stand out from graduates at other institutions.

The personal encouragement and support you will receive from your professors - who are constantly publishing, keeping abreast of the most current information and studies - aids to forward well-rounded minds, open and enabled for lifelong learning.

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