Philosophy Minor

18 credits (6 courses)

Students of philosophy become acquainted with many of the most profound questions and issues that have fascinated humanity for the last 2,500 years – issues like knowledge, reality, ethics, and art - while instilling you with skills that will benefit you in any career.  You will be trained to understand and evaluate arguments as well as make them yourselves.  You will be practiced in communicating ideas clearly and persuasively.  And in general, you will learn to think carefully, broadly, and deeply.

In order to ensure sufficient breadth of knowledge, the philosophy minor requires you to take courses in the three core areas of the discipline:

The History of Philosophy (exploring distinctive historical periods, like ancient Greece or the European enlightenment)
Metaphysics, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Science (emphasizing the study of knowledge and reality)
Value Theory (emphasizing ethics, social philosophy, and the study of art)

For details on the specific requirements and flexibility of the Philosophy Minor, please click on the “Printable Program Requirements Sheet” below.