Andrea Acker
Part-time Instructor, English
Christopher L Bartley
Instructor of Music
Elisa Eileen Beshero-Bondar, PhD
Associate Professor of English
William Campbell, PhD
Part-time Instructor, History
John Ciak, ScD
Part-Time Instructor, Public Speaking
Elizabeth V. Contreras
Visiting Instructor of Spanish
Anne M Czerwinski, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication
Karen Fetter
Part Time Instructor, English
Jessica L Ghilani, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication
Sayre N Greenfield, PhD
Professor of English; Division Chair
Daniel Hitt
Part-Time Instructor, English
Lori Jakiela
Professor of English and Creative Writing
Elizabeth A Briggs Jones
Part-time Instructor, English Literature
Elaine M Kelly
Part-Time Instructor, English
Martha J Koehler, PhD
Professor of English
Lynn Kuhn
Part Time Instructor, English
Charles Lockridge
Part-Time Instructor, Theatre
Shujiang Lu, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Gary L Lutz
Assistant Professor of English
Kelli Maloy, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Amber A McAlister, PhD
Assistant Professor, History of Art & Architecture
Bryan McCarthy
Part-Time Instructor, Philosophy
Susan McDonald
Part-time Instructor of English
Helga Mears
Part-Time Instructor, German
Stephen Murabito
Professor of English
Silvina M Orsatti
Instructor of Spanish
William Charles Pamerleau II, PhD
Associate Professor, Philosophy
John H Prellwitz, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication
William A Rued, PhD
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Stephen A Schrum, PhD
Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
Lou Ann Sears, PhD
Director of Learning Resources Center; Assistant Professor, English
David Seward
Part-Time Instructor, Classics
Barry Albert Shields
Part-Time Instructor, Studio Arts
Stacey E Triplette, PhD
Assistant Professor of Spanish & French
Meghan Tutolo
Part-time Instructor, English
Gretchen K Underwood, PhD
Assistant Professor, Communication

Behavioral Sciences

Paul S Adams, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Gregory Aldous, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Kristen N Asplin, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Vickilyn Barnot, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education
Anthony T Boldurian, PhD
Professor of Anthropology
Gregory Bondar
Part-Time Instructor, Anthropology
Jeanne L Burth, EdD
Assistant Professor of Education
Jeffrey J Everly, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Jessica L Everly, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Edward Federinko
Part-Time Instructor, Education
Glenson S France
Visiting Instructor of Economics
Beverly Ann Gaddy, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Donald E Gibson, PhD
Part-time Instructor of Sociology
Kelly Gustafson
Part-Time Instructor, Education
Wendy Hardy, EdD
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Pilar Maria Herr, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Timothy Holler, PhD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Dennis Kennedy
Part-Time Instructor, Management
Gregory Kerpchar
Part-Time Instructor, Criminal Justice
Eric B Kimball, PhD
Assistant Professor of History; Division Chair
Kerry J. Manning, PhD
Part-Time Instructor, Political Science
Elizabeth M Marciniak, PhD
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Melissa J Marks, EdD
Associate Professor of Education
Lipika Mazumdar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Susan McKeever
Part-time Instructor, Education
Pankaj Mehrotra
Part-Time Instructor, Management
Pamela A Ondeck
Assistant Professor of Management
Vivian Pavlov
Part Time Instructor, Management
Russell E Phillips, III, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Margaret Rechter, PhD
Associate Professor of Management
Ewa A Rudnicka, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business
Sharon M Turchick
Assistant Professor of Management Accounting
Jonathan P Vallano, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
James K Vesco
Part-time Instructor, Accounting
Kenneth Williams
Part Time Instructor, Education
Franklin David Wilson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Geoffrey L Wood, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sociology; Director, Center for Applied Research

Academic Advising

Michelle Apodaca
Study Abroad Coordinator

Natural Sciences

Barbara J Barnhart, MEd
Instructor in Biology
L. Todd Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
Katrina W Brown, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
Koreen L Byrns
Visiting Instructor, Biological Science
Victoria Causer
Visiting Instructor of Statistics
Diane E Cheek, MS
Instructor, Biology
Benjamin Espinoza, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Marie Fioravanti
Associate Professor and Director of Nursing
John Float
Visiting Instructor of Mathematics
Dennis N Gaal
Part-time Instructor, Mathematics
Laura Giovannelli, MEd
Instructor, Chemistry
Gary D Hart, PhD
Instructor, Mathematics
Kayla Heffernan
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Edward P Krisner, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Laurie Lash
Part-time Instructor of Mathematics
Estela S Llinas, PhD
Associate Professor of Engineering/Mathematics
Olivia S Long, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Michael J Lucci
Full-Time Instructor, Mathematics
Matthew R Luderer, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Audrey N Mamros
Visiting Full-Time Lab Instructor
T. Brooke McClendon, PhD
Visiting Instructor of Biological Science
Christine L McCreary, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Natural Science
Christie Z Orlosky
Part-time Instructor, Natural Science
Jennifer R. Paul, MS
Full-Time Instructor, Biology
Meng Rowland, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Jacob P. Rubus
Part-Time Instructor, Biology
Mitchell Sasala
Part-Time Instructor, Chemistry
Timothy P Savisky, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology
James J Sherin
Part-time Instructor, Engineering
Mark T Stauffer, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Division Chair
Charles P Stewart
Part-time Instructor, Physics
David Turnshek
Part-Time Instructor, Astronomy; UESP
Beth R Uhrinek
Part-Time Instructor, Mathematics
Marge Ulery
Instructor, Computer Science
Sharon B Ustazewski
Visiting Instructor, Computer Science
Garry Warnock
Part-time Instructor of Chemistry
William Weller
Part-time Instructor of Chemistry
Kathleen Williard
Part-Time Instructor, Physics
Thomas E Wolf, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science/Mathematics

Learning Resources Center

Daniel Hitt
Professional Tutor
Jacob P Rubus
Professional Tutor
Lou Ann Sears, PhD
Director of Learning Resources Center; Assistant Professor, English

Academic Affairs

Jacqueline Horrall, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean Nelson, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs


Renee Kiner
Public Services Librarian
Ethan Marek
Public Services Librarian
Kelly Safin
Reference/Public Services Librarian
Eve Wider
Director, Millstein Library and Coordinator, Regional ULS Libraries